FLAG wasn’t really among the anime I’ve waited for this summer (in Japan) to watch, but I was willing to give it a try given the well-made poster IMO. After watching the trailer, however, I think that it only takes a backseat to Honey and Clover II as the anime to watch. Wait, scratch that: I don’t even think it worthy to watch at all, honestly.

From what I’ve seen, FLAG is an anime about mecha and war photography. War photography in itself is a barely delved into topic in anime, and that was what made me look into this series in the first place. Seeing the predominance of the mecha, however, in the closing seconds of the trailer, I still think it focuses quite a big percentage of its airtime on mecha. I didn’t like the designs at all, because I thought they were unoriginal: honestly speaking, they reminded me of Joe’s mecha in Bakuretsu Tenshi.

Why do I seem so caustic when most of the first part was about photography and realistic explosions? I’ve read from a book on psychology dealing especially with memory that the first thing one remembers is the end (of an event, a novel, everything), then the beginning, and the middle is the one least remembered and mostly blurred at the end, when one tries to ‘remember.’ Subliminally, that meant that they put more emphasis on mecha than on the war photography itself, and it tells the viewer to watch the series unconsciously because of its cool mecha designs. (The last image, if you’ve noticed, is that of a mecha, the mecha that they’ve featured.)

As usual, Bandai concentrates on their mecha, from what I’ve seen. (Does Bandai concentrate on mecha?) Then again, there’s always Honey and Clover II. Thus, and unless there’s going to be someone subbing them, I probably won’t pick up this series until much later, or maybe even not at all.