I can listen to all types and kinds of music, but I like some more than the others. Among the ones I don't really like is the electronica genre of music. Polysics, as a synth-electro band, certainly does not get on my good side on music. Their band deals with funky and unique tunes having a noticeable dovetailing between modified voices and computer-generated music (noise?).

Still, because of a surreptitious recommendation by an online friend, I listened to their music, and as I expected, I really didn't like it. But so as not to be so biased, I listened to all their songs in Lo-Bits, and found out some weren't really that bad, like their version of My Way, for example. I just didn't have it in me to appreciate their music or their work.

However, a lot of you may have that appreciation, so here's the link to download a RARed version of their Lo-Bits album.

I wonder if this has something to do with anime at all, but I'm sharing something I have but do not want anyway. 🙂