There's something terribly wrong with another show when you find out that a show for kids is more entertaining than it. Case in point: Ergo Proxy and Digimon Savers.

The series breaks open with an alarm ringing in a secluded quasi-military base (or so it seems) announcing that some Raptor has broken loose. The scene then changes to a cute girl (no joke, guys, she's cute) who's about to enter a sealed-off police scene. Inside the scene there are fifteen guys spread around, lying on the cement. A Raptor-like monster then engages a teenager into boxing. 

They fight; they collapse later on.  What then happens is that the dinosaur-like monster recognizes the strength of the human, and the human, reciprocatingly recognizes the monster's. The monster then pleads allegiance to the human, whose name is Daimon Masaru. 

Yoshino (the cute girl) then comes out and plans on confiscating the monster, whose name is Agumon. A battle ensues, and a cute monster pops out and throws nuts at both Daimon and Agumon, but they escape with the return-fire of Agumon (Baby Flame).

Daimon and Agumon then disappear, and Daimon brings Agumon to a building (their place, perhaps?) Agumon shows signs of hunger, and laughs ensue when he tries to eat Daimon. Agumon then receives a punch in the head from Daimon; Daimon then tells Agumon to stay and wait for him.  Daimon then goes out to buy food, but meets up with Yoshino, who plans on capturing Agumon with the help of Daimon. Daimon disagrees: he would rather go to the DATS office than give Agumon up.

The head officer with his Digimon (yes, that's what they call the monsters here!) then explains that Agumon or the raptor was a rogue, and that he has to be recaptured to preserve the balance between the Digimon and humans. Daimon then explains that he wouldn't give Agumon up, because he believed that Agumon went to the human world to discover more about it. He also recognizes the responsibilities he has to face, and admits that if Agumon did something nasty, he'd be the one to blame. 

An explosion then rocks the DATS.

Daimon runs away, and comes back to his place finding no Agumon. Concerned that Agumon burned buildings because he was hungry, he looked for him only to find him covered in a trash can. It was because Agumon was hungry, but he wasn't the culprit.

 It was the COCK!

Yes, it was another COCK monster that looked even uglier than Agumon. Fights ensued, but in the end, Agumon transforms (majestically, I might add, and SO fitting to the plot of this story that I was really content and filled with happiness watching this scene.) andsaves the day. Oh, and by the way, Daimon also gave the COCK a beating. (XD) 

The next episode is about flies … I think.