I talked to somebody who loved Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu so much that he hasn’t watched anything else after watching ShnY. He said that everything else just loses its luster when compared to an anime like that. Of course, being your resident Haruhi Suzumiya devil’s advocate, I disagree with him. I do, however, know of the feeling and totally understand it. And of course, you know of the anime I’m talking about: Honey and Clover. (more…)


I guess I’m not alone when I say that Bleach has been pretty disappointing when it started with its filler arc. Although about a year ago I totally loved Bleach, it’s the anime I don’t want to watch right now, honestly. It’s because with the filler arcs came the degradation of animation quality and plot. I stopped watching Bleach after six episodes of filler. Although it can’t be helped because the anime has already coped with the manga, still, having episodes where Rukia looked like a cross-eyed alien is unforgivable. (more…)