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Let me be totally frank: I have not watched anime ever since the fourth episode of Blood-C, and probably won’t do so until near the end of this month, and I have no regrets whatsoever. I am not running away or eschewing anime, mind you, but I am trying to enjoy what amounts to my last academic year of medical school before I go into the wards as an errand boy or bitch. If I’m lucky, I’ll just be an errand boy; if not, I’ll be a bitch and bitched that certain day. It was with this thought that I am hoping that my faithful readers (you) could forgive my temporary absence and intermittent updates because I’m really trying to seize the last year of formal schooling and enjoy it to the best of my abilities. I will probably never return to formal school after this year, and I don’t want to live my life being regretful.

We have, of course, been quite busy the past month: there were tons of examinations, but two weeks ago was the final medicine week of our lives. I simply had to enjoy it. While I failed being the three-peat champion in chess, I was able to contribute a bit to our basketball team and win the championship for the third straight time. I was also able to enjoy being the champion and winner to what is tantamount to being the last quiz bee of my life, and until now I still feel really good about it, because I was the one who was able to answer the difficult questions that widened the gap between us and our opponents. I also competed in big-ball volleyball, and sang for the first time in front of a crowd. While my grades may be teetering between mediocre and average, I have been trying my utmost to enjoy real life, and have been quite successful to an extent.

I am not happy that I have seemingly abandoned my blog, but it has been a week or so since was down, and it’s really been a while since I have wanted to update. Rest assured that I will never stop being a fan of anime, and will always support anime as a medium just as creative as television series and movies. I do think that my temporary absence from the blogosphere rendered me lost in the plethora of discussion of new anime and individual episodes, but I’ll come back stronger, if not in a few months, then in a year from now (God willing).

I have no regrets, however: it is really endearing and cathartic to win the final quiz bee competition in your life, and to do so in your final academic year of medical school. I have competed in the past years and have been on a gradual rise, only to take it all in my final year, and for that I am extremely grateful. I’m still around, don’t worry. Cheers!


I am an honest guy for the most part. Yes, I do lie once in a while, although I can argue that I don’t lie as voraciously or as desperately as Satou from NHK. As I said in the previous post, I’d rather be honest with myself and admit that I’m an otaku, or whatever people like to call me, than dwell in a shell of lies and cowardice. Some people write me off as somebody helpless; they write me off as nothing more than an idiot. Some people, however, care to know more on why I like anime as a medium and why I love it more than most things (family excepted). (more…)

So many good things happened today for me. The most important good thing, however (make it excellent), was that I was able to download Honey and Clover II – 04 after a long wait. First of all, I’ve learned how to play Pugna (the Oblivion in DotA) more or less masterfully, and he’s arguably among the more difficult heroes to control. I was contented with myself back then. (more…)

Whereas in tj han’s blog the Bible is Last Exile, in my blog, the Qur’an is Honey and Clover. If you don’t like it I’m going to declare jihad on you, and I’m much more austere than tj han is (in case you didn’t get it, this was a joke). As you may have noticed, I’m probably going to wax lyrical about H&C for most of the time, but that’s not why I mentioned it in this post. I’ve mentioned why I like H&C in my other posts, but to stress a point, the biggest reasons as to why I really love it is because of its grit and humanistic realism. Stressed also in my other posts (H&C was spattered around in a commentary supposedly about [insert anime here]) is the fact that unrequited love exists in this series. How many romance series have you watched where the main leads don’t end up happily? There’s only quite a few of them. How about a romance series where you know someone’s going to end up alone? To date, only Honey and Clover is the only anime where you know that someone will be alone by the end of the series because there are more girls than guys, and despite the fact that they all are close friends, they also are the same competitors for the love of a guy or a girl inside that circle. (more…)

After watching the seventh episode of Kamisama Kazoku and singing to the tone of the OP and the ED, I quickly followed up with watching a dubbed episode of Hikaru no Go. It just reminded me that no matter how good the material or the show is, dubbing it really removes a lot from the show as compared to its original (or subbed) form. Sai’s voice wasn’t as forceful in the dub as it was in the sub, and Akari’s voice was annoying at times. Because the anime, however, is just a really good one, I once again felt that thirst for more episodes (despite having watched all 75 episodes along with its specials) despite the fact that it was dubbed. It was a good thing that they didn’t put alternative OP and ED music, because I’d be really irked by then. It just reminded me of other good anime that I forgot to take notice of because of H&C.

The episode, by the way, was ripped by [LA], a group that also ripped the first episode of MAR. I was pretty lucky that I was able to download the episode of HnG using the torrent, because it had dwindling seeds and few to no leechers at all. I guess a lot of the serious anime community (those who take anime fandom and otakudom seriously, anyway) really don’t want to view dubbed episodes.

Nothing beats the original, they say. I guess it also applies to anime. It was only now that I was really able to put the sub vs. dub argument to the test, and now, I really can understand the position of those who prefer the sub.

Kings have their hashish; hippies have their weed. I have my anime, and you, the blog-reader, probably have your anime too. Just like hashish and weed have different varieties, we all have our choice, our cocktails of anime as well.

What’s different, however, from hashish or weed, or even cigarettes, is that anime is not damaging to your physical self (some bloggers at #animenano, however, beg to differ), and oftentimes, when one watches good anime, one improves his understanding and depth perception of the human world, because the characterization in anime are anthropomorphic projects and reflections of humanity and human nature itself.

It’s an addiction, if not only something viewed during free time, that could compare with reading books to deepen one’s knowledge and wisdom. Just as reading books improves a lot about a person (except perhaps his sociability, but the same goes with anime), anime, when chosen carefully and viewed moderately (excessively), will probably sharpen and congeal our often inconstant and immelmanning view of humanity, to something akin to a scalpel. This scalpel of insight, then, will slowly extirpate all remnants of idiocy from the anime-viewer and book-reader (unless one still reads the Hardy Boys or watches anime like Gundoh Musashi or Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro).

Although tragedy and masterpiece often occur together, sadness is only a small price to pay to deepen one’s view of the world after watching different instances of it in different illusionary worlds. This is the same when watching excellent anime like Honey and Clover or reading a book like Crime and Punishment, or The Master and Margarita, as wintermoon mentioned. The only problem is, one needs to expend a lot of energy when reading, so let’s all just watch anime and have fun with its nuances. 😀

I talked to somebody who loved Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu so much that he hasn’t watched anything else after watching ShnY. He said that everything else just loses its luster when compared to an anime like that. Of course, being your resident Haruhi Suzumiya devil’s advocate, I disagree with him. I do, however, know of the feeling and totally understand it. And of course, you know of the anime I’m talking about: Honey and Clover. (more…)

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