Typing this article marked the first day I used something in Linux. To tell the truth, I don’t see much difference between using this and Windows. I don’t have much to say, really – just that Linux should be worthy of a try from you guys. I’ve tried it, and I certainly don’t think it as even bad. It’s pretty good, actually.


Asides aside, I hung around the chatroom of the ripping-group [LA] yesterday, because they dropped Hikaru no Go out of their ripping list, having only MAR and Prince of Tennis as the anime they will rip everytime a new episode comes out. By the way, I stand corrected by having expounded on what Jetstream was. It isn’t a Norwegian streaming-media company, but it is a subsidiary of Cartoon Network, and I was surprised I only knew about it recently. (I’m almost always behind anime happenings, however, so I don’t really mind all that much.)

A Google search brought me to several sites talking about Jetstream’s arrival; however, I viewed only AnimeNewsNetwork’s take on its advent, because ANN has been a reputable source when it comes to anime for quite some time already.

Toonami Jetstream is now online, serving free full length episodes of Naruto, Hikaru no Go, and the North American premieres of MÄR and The Prince of Tennis. The service officially launches Monday.

There you have it. [LA], perhaps, as a group, is among the most useless in the anime community (no offense to [LA]) because even one of the group members themselves admitted to doing nothing more than having a stream catcher, taking the stream and then posting it on somewhere™. (Hey, this is perhaps among the other things I’m not used to in Linux – they have another button to use to create a special character, not the alt button. I don’t know what U pertains to.)

I’m just pretty happy, and I guess it’s also news to some that Jetstream shows anime episodes of MAR, Hikaru no Go, Naruto, and Prince of Tennis for 24/7 – and for free. Still, because I’m not under a broadband, don’t watch the other anime and definitely don’t watch dubs, I leave the choice of viewing Jetstream to you. Perhaps if you want some laughs, you could watch Hikaru no Go and laugh at Sai’s ethereally gay voice. Or if you simply want a laugh, just tune in to Jetstream.