So many good things happened today for me. The most important good thing, however (make it excellent), was that I was able to download Honey and Clover II – 04 after a long wait. First of all, I’ve learned how to play Pugna (the Oblivion in DotA) more or less masterfully, and he’s arguably among the more difficult heroes to control. I was contented with myself back then.

After coming back to the dormitory, I was able to read almost a chapter of Writer’s Guide and Index to English; this made me happy because I have made progress towards being able to write better with this blog and in real life. I will slowly plod through that book, but I can assure you that my English would improve, at least marginally better, after I’ve finished that book. I hope to be a great writer someday, be it only in this blog or in the press.

My parents then called me up, and I was able to muster the courage to tell them that I didn’t like Biology at all. Surprisingly, they were very supportive – even my dad, who was plodding me to take Biology – told me to simply think about what I really want in life, and although everything is still vague and plasmic as of now, the fact that they have given me the leeway to choose what course I want and the fact that they don’t expect anything from me this semester lifts a big load off my back. To tell the truth, I simply want to write this blog everyday, and encourage as well as participate with the insightful comments blog-readers have for my posts, some posting insights way better than my posts.

That already gave me a high, as if I smoked some weed AND sniffed some cocaine. But that still wasn’t enough: through the comments of my friends, a confirmatory part of the TV broadcast of Miss Universe, and this link, I found out that Kurara Chibana, Japan’s representative of the Miss Universe, won 1st runner-up in the pageant! That was so fun! (I personally even think she deserved to win the contest – I mean, come on – the Puerto Rican looked like the apotheosis of a girl that’s full of plastic surgery: the smile was even plastered on her face, whereas Chibana~san looked more natural and less affected [in terms of make-up and whatnot]. Plus, Chibana~san is really smart, too! She can speak French and Spanish … plus, she may be the antithesis to that Puerto Rican and also to FAT YAOI FANGIRLS: she may be THE HOT ANIME FANGIRL! [Guys, keep it quiet – your fapping is quite noisy. XD ])

To top this all off was an episode of H&C II. What more could I say other than ‘YES! YES! YES! YES!’? That spontaneous and fiery speech by Mayama was so heartening, so raw an expression of love that I couldn’t help but cry (again). What was more rewarding, however, was that Mayama told her how much he loved her – without even using the word ‘love.’ And just like that, just with the power of love, Rika finally accepted that there is a life ahead of her – and hugging Mayama became a sign that she’s moved past Harada. The sex was initially supposed to be a goodbye gift to Mayama – as Rika tried to escape to Harada, despite the warnings of Shuu, because silently, she wished for death to come to her. She opened the mouth of her heart to scream but no sounds came out except the loneliness of emptiness. With Mayama’s honestly forceful speech, however, that goodbye gift turned to an affirmation of Mayama’s love to her – a wake-up call that rang upon her to connect herself to the world again, that ‘nothing was finished. Nothing was ever lost.’ according to Hemingway. And with that silent hug, she had accepted and opened her heart to reciprocate the love that has been there for quite some time already. With the seemingly shallow invitation lay something deeper: it was a confirmation – ‘I have come back.’

I’m really happy for her, and I’m really happy myself.