After watching the seventh episode of Kamisama Kazoku and singing to the tone of the OP and the ED, I quickly followed up with watching a dubbed episode of Hikaru no Go. It just reminded me that no matter how good the material or the show is, dubbing it really removes a lot from the show as compared to its original (or subbed) form. Sai’s voice wasn’t as forceful in the dub as it was in the sub, and Akari’s voice was annoying at times. Because the anime, however, is just a really good one, I once again felt that thirst for more episodes (despite having watched all 75 episodes along with its specials) despite the fact that it was dubbed. It was a good thing that they didn’t put alternative OP and ED music, because I’d be really irked by then. It just reminded me of other good anime that I forgot to take notice of because of H&C.

The episode, by the way, was ripped by [LA], a group that also ripped the first episode of MAR. I was pretty lucky that I was able to download the episode of HnG using the torrent, because it had dwindling seeds and few to no leechers at all. I guess a lot of the serious anime community (those who take anime fandom and otakudom seriously, anyway) really don’t want to view dubbed episodes.

Nothing beats the original, they say. I guess it also applies to anime. It was only now that I was really able to put the sub vs. dub argument to the test, and now, I really can understand the position of those who prefer the sub.