Kings have their hashish; hippies have their weed. I have my anime, and you, the blog-reader, probably have your anime too. Just like hashish and weed have different varieties, we all have our choice, our cocktails of anime as well.

What’s different, however, from hashish or weed, or even cigarettes, is that anime is not damaging to your physical self (some bloggers at #animenano, however, beg to differ), and oftentimes, when one watches good anime, one improves his understanding and depth perception of the human world, because the characterization in anime are anthropomorphic projects and reflections of humanity and human nature itself.

It’s an addiction, if not only something viewed during free time, that could compare with reading books to deepen one’s knowledge and wisdom. Just as reading books improves a lot about a person (except perhaps his sociability, but the same goes with anime), anime, when chosen carefully and viewed moderately (excessively), will probably sharpen and congeal our often inconstant and immelmanning view of humanity, to something akin to a scalpel. This scalpel of insight, then, will slowly extirpate all remnants of idiocy from the anime-viewer and book-reader (unless one still reads the Hardy Boys or watches anime like Gundoh Musashi or Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro).

Although tragedy and masterpiece often occur together, sadness is only a small price to pay to deepen one’s view of the world after watching different instances of it in different illusionary worlds. This is the same when watching excellent anime like Honey and Clover or reading a book like Crime and Punishment, or The Master and Margarita, as wintermoon mentioned. The only problem is, one needs to expend a lot of energy when reading, so let’s all just watch anime and have fun with its nuances. 😀