I started LOLing when I read how ‘auto-pilot’ showed up as ‘auto-piroto.’ Japanese airplane, lol. It then started with an extremely cheesy OP animation sequence of still pictures that showed Zaizen Jotaro in all his ugliness. He wears earrings, very long eyebrows and a suit. LOL. The suit that he wears make him seem fat – and makes his head seem not proportional to his body. ‘Da Bombu!’ is his catchphrase. What serious anime makes a catchphrase, damn it?

The animation sequences were just horrible. Even a five-year old child can draw how the burning car swerves towards the water better than the animators of this show did. I feel the need to post irascible and irrational images from this show, but I also feel that I need to spare you the bullshit, because just after the burning car scene come priests from nowhere who attack the invincible Zaizen Jotaro. He is saved by his cigarette case from the three men, and of course with his quick attacks (still pictures). And like Hung of BGB said, the manga transition that’s supposed to enhance the awesomeness of a scene seems to make the scene even worse here. It’s simply priceless. He looks like a monster with the transition. Next comes the scene where he’s surrounded by four trucks. By the end of it, there are only three, and the fourth disappeared without even exploding. It just did. This is a supernatural show.

This is also the only show where helicopters look like grasshoppers, and the only show where characters feel they have to shout their lines to be cool. It’s the only show where they culminate an episode by having other characters say that long-ass anime title (how cheesier can it still get?) and of course, ‘da bombu!’ doesn’t disappear. At all.

I liked the OP and ED, though. It was the only thing good about the show. I feel that it’s even a waste categorizing Zaizen Jotaro. πŸ™‚