There are three different methods in writing a blog easily. The first one is the use of the Blogger software to aid one when writing his or her own blog. Similarly, WordPress, the second choice, also is somewhat a software program where one is aided when writing a blog. However, WordPress (in my opinion) is more easily utilized simply because it has more options that one can tweak, and its interface is far simpler than that of Blogger‘s. That’s what I could say, from my experience anyway (since I used both of the disparate blogging programs). WordPress also possesses some helpful plug-ins, like the Akismet spam blocker which I did not see while using Blogger months ago. It was only recently that I discovered there was another way to write a blog, and that was using one’s own MSN Spaces.

Although not as potent and configurable as WordPress or even Blogger, I still notice some people using it. Not to be a wet blanket, however, but I find a lot of faults with this third method.

  • First of all, it’s made by Microsoft. There are a lot of people speaking ill of their programs (offline or online), and a lot of people are also blaming them for the excruciatingly slow development of their software programs. I don’t think you should trust Microsoft for a good program – there are either better freeware alternatives, or cheaper commercial ones.

  • The only theme when one uses that method is the characteristic background of all MSN Spaces; I think the image headers are not configurable, and writing the blog itself is difficult simply because MSN Spaces isn’t as dynamic as the other two blogging software (although I highly prefer WordPress).

  • WordPress, simply, allows you to customize and configure almost everything. Really.

(It’s simply just a post showing the availability of options to the one planning to start one, but I strongly suggest going with WordPress.)