~pururin puru pururin~

I seem to be very negative about NHK ni Youkoso!, which isn’t good in any show that I watch. Perhaps this is only my perspective, but I don’t want to observe the lives of depraved men: I have enough problems to deal with in my own life. It’s like Big Brother: characters are constrained within a house, and they have to deal with one another without exiting that house for some period of time. In this series, a Tsushiro Satou has to deal with himself, but this time, the exile from the real world is self-imposed: he is a hikkikomori. He thinks that everything is a conspiracy.

Intelligent readers may form a hypothesis that perhaps I detest this show because I’m so much like Satou. I will agree that I don’t like going out much, definitely, but I also have my reasons. For one, going out and socializing will simply equate to me wasting much money. I don’t want that. My family isn’t rich, for one, and I definitely don’t want to strain them more than I already am. Second, the Internet is a compendium of information, so I don’t have to go to libraries or go anywhere else to learn a lot about the world. In fact, I do a lot of things with my computer, thus, I don’t separate from it often.

However, I do go out with my friends once in a while; I do play games in Internet cafes; but most importantly, I go to school. Despite some previous posts of mine detesting school (believe me, I still do) I realized a long time ago that if I wanted to flourish and live in the real world I have to get decent grades and graduate. I’m not much of a social person, but I think that it’s simply in the paradigm shift of one’s perspective: one can totally avoid being a hikkikomori.

Blaming society is just what cantankerous and slothful jerks like them do. For the rest, there is what one calls action. As I said in an AnimeSuki forums post, society is a vague, inchoate idea. It may be bad and it may be good, but it mostly lies in the gray area. To blame society for one’s own shortcomings is simply cowardice; and despite the fact that I’m not much of a social person, I take responsibility for it and my actions.

Thus, it’s hard to sympathize with jerks like Satou. It’s practically an isolation that was self-made, out of conceit and unwillingness to improve. Just because these guys don’t have it great in life doesn’t mean they can’t view the world positively. It’s all a matter of perspective, and these guys are just idiots simply because they can’t cope with the beauty and madness of the world. It is entirely their own fault. They can do like I do and underachieve; they can pour out their negative energy in exercise or sports; they can do infinitely many things than smoke weed and hashish, but they don’t. That’s the reason why it’s very hard to sympathize with them.