I’m not going to be a rabblerouser here and say that there shouldn’t be more anime with each season. I really think there should. However, recently, there are some really infamous class acts which I just find stupid to look at. Examples of these are Zaizen Jotaro and Gundoh Musashi. I’m sorry, but anyway you look at them, they just don’t seem even passable in any sensibilities, kid or otherwise. Both have a little bit more than kiddy violence; both have sexual innuendoes in it, so I’m pretty sure it’s not directed to your five-year old little sister who dreams of becoming Barbie someday.

I don’t have anything going against stuff like Onegai My Melody or its sequel, because that’s totally directed to kids and pre-teenagers. I even wanted to watch an episode, if only there was anything subbed: again, my proficiency in the Japanese language is that of a monkey, although I’m a little smarter than one. Seriously, though – why do people produce ugly stuff like that? I’m quite irate and irked with these people because they are the ones who give anime its bad name to many, giving them a reason to equate anime with a ‘slightly more than a children’s story with mediocre animation.’ It just doesn’t cut it with me.

If they only showed shows with the same plot and character quality as Honey and Clover for most of the time, the world will be a better place. We wouldn’t have to defend why we like such things other than to say ‘they’re really good, even better than your live-action TV dramas. Yes. They have a story, and that story totally pwns that roundabout and circumambulating story that your Desperate Housewives have.’ It wouldn’t have been harder for people in some parts of the world whose society possesses a generally negative outlook for them to come out and spread the truth about anime, and dispel the lies. But it seems most people cherish the fact that anime seems to be only that children’s story, and don’t give much of a damn to anything other than that. It’s a sad case, but with great anime, there’s a lot of hope. (You can do it, Honey and Clover II!)