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(Yes, there’s a subliminal message there. But really, I just included it to make it seem even. :)) A rocket destroys a domed city, as something resembling Ergo Proxy seems to deviate the course of the missiles. Vincent, Real and Pino travel in the Centzon. As Real and Vincent have a romantic moment (Real initiates this by holding Vincent’s hand, and Vincent reciprocates by holding the hand of hers that’s on top of his) a strong wind blows the Centzon off-course. It’s the appearance of a domed city. Vincent releases ground-hooks before they could be blown to a big crater. Vincent says that it’s Mosk as something resembling Ergo once more holds a necklace similar to Vincent’s.

Vincent says that the light was coming from Romdeau going towards Mosk. Real realizes it to be true. The scene changes with the council interrogating Raul for the things he has done; Raul is shackled. Raul has still a lot of deep-seated anger towards Vincent.

Real asks a lot of questions to Vincent to which he can only reply he doesn’t know. Assumedly, it’s about the Mosk dome. Vincent seems lost and astray (his countenance looks like it, anyway) because the one thing he has been searching for is now destroyed. (Real, as said by many other viewers, was uncannily kind this episode, both to Pino and Vincent. Is this a realization, or some obfuscation?)

Raul’s interrogation continues. Their verbal jostling ends up with Raul freed and reinstated into his position. Vincent, back at what was once Mosk, is angry because he could not find the answers he was looking for. Monad Proxy was the proxy of Mosk after all, so this supports the one dome-one proxy theory a lot of people propose. Real and Pino, separated from Vincent, explore the remnants of what was once a high tower, and saw a seat similar to the throne of Real’s grandfather in Romdeau. After Real, in a vision, saw what happened to whoever sat on that throne, an autoreiv appears with a lantern shedding light to a whole lot of writings on the wall (Belshazzar, anyone?)

Real tries to tweak the dome’s controls (with buttons, of course), but it seems to have lacked a power-supply, unless I’m wrong. Real hotwires the circuits, and a lot of monitors turn themselves on, but they were only evanescent. After only a few seconds, they disappear once more.

It seems that Vincent’s necklace was a secret key to a hidden place in Mosk. Proxy One, or the proxy that resembles Ergo so much enters this room with a similar-looking necklace/key. Inside this was the autoreiv mentioned a few paragraphs a ago, the one nearby all those writings on the wall. They talk about memory, but it seems that Proxy One’s particularly pissed about Vincent’s. He destroys stuff about Vincent, and kills the autoreiv by crushing his eyes or eyespots. Afterwards, Vince doesn’t seem too sure about himself anymore.

Raul and Daedalus have their talk about Vincent and proxies once more. After Raul comes out the door with their chat ended, he sees a ball of yarn. The ball of yarn leads to a loli-Real (no shit, guys). Real and her crew end up the same place Proxy One entered only some moments ago, with Vincent commenting that it was a nostalgic place. His magical pendanto was the way in!

The last words of the autoreiv that seemed to be the keeper of proxy memories was Romdeau. Written on the wall (again ;)) was the word ‘awakening,’ an allusion to the very first episode. There are two pendants that are exactly alike. Raul is still freaking batty; and Daedalus is very scary. Vincent and the crew then decide to go back to Romdeau.


It’s a good episode. That’s all. (Oh, and Real was kind for this episode. That’s good.)