This is perhaps to continue the previous post, but I think I made it clear that I don’t know much Japanese, and that whenever I try to summarize, I do so using a situational summary (that which is visual, and which depends solely on the action of the characters – not their conversations or anything else). I hope I’ve made that clear – although I do pepper my posts with some of the Japanese I understand, or base the descriptions on the context of the actions themselves.

Anyway, I’m talking about this because I’ve recently seen the sub of Tsukokiss ~ CoolxSweet, and I’ve had a renewed impression after understanding most of the text: although what I’ve made clear in previous statements embedded in some of my blog-posts still stand – the animation is only mediocre; the characters are quite your clichés and stereotypes; it’s still full of fanservice – it doesn’t hinder much from enjoyment once you do know the conversations that surround the characters. It’s still not great, but it’s quite enjoyable – I think I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time I was watching the first episode, because admittedly, I do enjoy shallow quasi-romances. If you’re picky or critical, however, this isn’t the show you want to watch. There isn’t really any depth to the story so far; it’s just a harem. (Watch Honey and Clover instead. No, seriously. I can’t stress enough the fact that it’s among the greatest anime of all time.)

I’ll probably watch Zero no Tsukaima‘s subs next, although from the general comments of people, it’s either garbage or mediocre, which doesn’t sound too well. Even Akitaroh Daichi’s Bokura ga Ita does not amount to much, from what I’ve read. There are even some premieres, like Zaizen Jotaro, of course, that is a taboo phrase to all who seek to watch good anime. There’s a discussion here, but let me warn you that it isn’t positive. At all. Quoth one of the posters that this is even worse than Gundoh Musashi (thus the blog-post before this). Can there be anything worse than Gundoh Musashi? That thought is extremely horrible.

As promised, I won’t post any more rants about FLAG, I’m just going to say that the screenshots of the first episode looked hot – and I mean that in a good way. There are still no raws, though. Something that I really look forward to this season, however, is Le Chevalier d’ Eon. They have Maximilien Robespierre (!), one of the guys I could never forget when we discussed Western history. He was the guy who preluded the Reign of Terror in France killing a lot of nobles and royalty, and, until now, his infamous actions still stand to be the among the most horrific in ‘civilized Western’ history. He had more class and intelligence than Hitler. No, I don’t like Hitler, and no, I’m not some negative person idolizing mass-killers. But you do have to appreciate what the guy did – he wanted reform, and he made it happen. Oh, and before I stray too far from anime, his character design simply rocks.

(Here’s a link to all the anime airing this summer.)

Other than NHK ni Youkoso!, which deals with hikkikomori (I seem to be quasi-one), Innocent Venus, which has a stunning poster, great-looking mecha, and a cool premise to a postapocalyptic story (I forgot what the premise exactly was, but it etched an impression of coolness to me), and Kemonozume, which is directed by the director of Mind Game, a unique, phantasmagoric and surreal movie, with a ‘forbidden love’ story to boot, there aren’t many anime even worth watching the first episode of (this season, anyway).

Although in my new blog (I’ll probably move by the end of July), I’ll definitely arrange the categories and will blog (summarize) at least three series consistently. The only series I blogged consistently with this blog is Ergo Proxy, which I’m happy some people read. I’m still blogging H&C II, but seeing there are a lot more people more proficient in Japanese than I am, will only blog about my insights on its said episodes.

(I don’t wish for as many series as spring ’06, but I do wish for a few good series this coming autumn. I don’t mind if there are only five series premiering as long as all those five are great series, series with the caliber of Cowboy Bebop, Shingetsutan Tsukihime or Honey and Clover. I guess I’d have to settle for Coyote Ragtime for my semi-Cowboy Bebop-genre anime.)