I’ve already made a post on Summer vs. Spring Anime ‘O6; this is to expound on what I’m probably going to watch (or am already watching), though this is by no means a complete or exhaustive posting. I’m leaving that up to this site.

Series I’m totally watching and finishing:

Honey and Clover II – this is a series I’m definitely watching until the end. The first season was simply majestic, beautiful, wondrous, amazing, [insert positive adjective here]. From what I’ve seen of the second season, this doesn’t change, if ep2 was any indication. The same holistic balance between levity and gravity, between comedy and drama, is still very much present.

Series I’m willing to give a try:

Bokura ga Ita – I don’t know much about the story. Since it has Akitaroh Daichi as the director, it’s good enough for at least an episode.

Tsuyokiss – It’s a romance. I love watching romances, but after seeing the raw of the first episode I was let down. I’m trying again, this time with the subs. Some of the girls look hot, so I’m not giving up on this series so easily.

Zero no Tsukaima – I may download an episode. Mahou shoujos are quite common and cliched, so I’m not expecting much from this.

The Coyote Ragtime Show – I love action as well. Since some people compare this (albeit negatively) to Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon, that’s enough for me to at least give it a try.

FLAG – Well, I’ve been talking about this a lot (see here and here), so I’m definitely watching at least an episode whenever I’ll find one.

Series I’m probably not watching:

Binbou Shimai Monogatari – a lesser form of Grave of the Fireflies. No.

Zaizen Jotaro – even worse than Gundoh Musashi. Think about it.