I will move to http://animeotaku.animeblogger.net in the near future; Maestro, the headmaster of AnimeBlogger, has invited me to join his group of bloggers, and I acceded. For a preview of the future site, click on the link above. I decided to move because there are more things that could be changed and modified, and I’d have more leeway being hosted on AnimeBlogger than here at WordPress. (Although I better try to find a way for checking the site statistics; the WP there doesn’t have a built-in ‘blog stats’ tab.)

Again, I hope you’ve been contented with my blog posts; I hope that you’ve been entertained with them; I hope you’ve found some of them incisive and intellectual (I really tried hard to write well in English with this blog.) This is not the goodbye yet, just a look into the future of what will probably happen.

(Oh, and what do you think of the theme there? I personally think it’s cute, that’s why I chose it out of the many [!] choices.)

I also hope you’re going to comment here. Were my posts smart enough? I hope they were. I don’t ever want to write ugly stuff, although I do it sometimes (sadly).