I’ve had quite a backlog of anime these past few days; after seeing Honey and Clover, a lot of anime just don’t seem as interesting anymore. I’ve rewatched the first season yet again, and I can’t really say that I’m dying for the anime that’s coming this summer, except of course for the second season of Honey and Clover. I have watched raws of some of the anime recently premiered, however, and aside from H&C II I’ve watched Tsuyokiss ~ CoolxSweet.

Since I love romances, let’s just say I was all in for Tsuyokiss. After watching (or rather, skimming) the first episode, I decided that I had to watch it subbed. There are some anime that you can watch raw and still understand what happens for the most part, like Ergo Proxy, because despite its philosophy and pretension, it still has a flowing story. Since I don’t enjoy it much that I need to watch it subbed, I just watch it raw, watch what happens, and then watch the next episode after blogging the previous ones. Not that I don’t enjoy it at all – that’s different. I really do enjoy watching it, just not to the extent of holding myself to waiting for its subs after watching its raws (like H&C II, for example). I guess it’s just so-so in my standards.

Since I feel I’d enjoy Tsuyokiss (I’m a damn romantic), I’m definitely waiting for its subs to come out. And from what I’ve seen, it all seems like good fun. I love happy romances (I do like watching AMG), but I LOVE~LOVE well-written tragic ones (like Shingetsutan Tsukihime, and Honey and Clover, to an extent). It seems most anime this summer (in Japan) for me wasn’t as good as the spring season. I’m still waiting for Kemonozume, though – it reminds me of Tsukihime’s forbidden love, as there is love here between a monster and a human. (I also liked the Tenshuu Monogatari arc of Ayakashi ~ Japanese Classic Horror, so I usually like these types of stories.)

when the only solution to love is death, it's bound to be a great anime.(a romance is bound to be great when the only solution to a forbidden love is a sacrifice far heavier than life and death itself)


On other things, I guess Akihabara@Deep wouldn’t arrive until 2009. This anime intrigues me, because Nickelodeon helps in producing it. That’s like expecting a Christian channel to show porn, really, and I was that surprised. Anime in Nickelodeon is such a farfetched thought that I’d simply like to see how they would pull it off.

Has no one seen FLAG or its trailer? What do you guys think of it? I’d also like to know.