So, the first episode was mainly a recap of all the important stuff happening in the first season, closing with Takemoto obtaining his driver’s license and the group all congratulating him. Honestly, if you have seen the first season there’d be practically no use for me posting screenshots of what you had already seen.

Remember, however, what Shin, the foreman of the construction company said back in ep23: if Takemoto’s willing to work with the temple construction men, he should at least get a driver’s license, so this perhaps forebodes Takemoto working with the nomadic temple construction group. With the images, also, Takemoto seems to have made himself at par with Morita: he can now tackle Morita and defend Mayama from Morita’s ‘advances.’ Indeed, he seems to have matured.

The more interesting part of the episode, however, was the preview, not the episode itself. Simply put, I just love the subtleties of this show. Even within the preview’s lack of voices talking, even with only its action one can deduce a few things.

Even within just the preview, notice how Rika acts more naturally with Mayama. And looky, she blushes when Mayama comes helping, and she beams when they talk. Of course, that would only probably be me spouting bullshit, but you can tell that their relationship’s progressing when Yamada can only watch from outside the door, holding back her tears as both of them talk with one another.

That simply made my day. Not that I hope Yamada’s going to end up killing herself, but that she can move on – she has just got no chance with the guy, and the guy said so himself. I like Mayama’s kindness, though. He doesn’t even say anything against Yamada and sincerely tries to let her end up happy, just not with him. When he discovers Nomiya getting a bit more serious about Yamada, he loosens up on his protectiveness, and he lets them go, but not before confirming that Nomiya has become more serious.

Things start spinning again, indeed.

The pictures of the preview will probably come later.