July 2006

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I am an honest guy for the most part. Yes, I do lie once in a while, although I can argue that I don’t lie as voraciously or as desperately as Satou from NHK. As I said in the previous post, I’d rather be honest with myself and admit that I’m an otaku, or whatever people like to call me, than dwell in a shell of lies and cowardice. Some people write me off as somebody helpless; they write me off as nothing more than an idiot. Some people, however, care to know more on why I like anime as a medium and why I love it more than most things (family excepted). (more…)

I don’t know if I’m simply ranting or not, but I think that it’s better to simply be one’s self. I don’t know much of the guys I talk to online, much less know who they really are as people, but I guess this idealized view of them from their words alone makes me much more contented with them that with the hypocrites I see everyday in real life.

I think I’m smart at the very least, and my grades when I’m a little bit serious reflect that, as well as people telling me from different walks of life that I really am smart (and no, I don’t pay them anything, they just pay compliments). I’m happy when people say that to me, because I personally think it’s true, but it always helps when people affirm what you believe in. Being lazy and being contented with being called smart may not be the ‘best’ way to live life (according to the ‘elders’), but it sure beats hypocrisy. I have, for example, an acquaintance who studies perhaps every day it is possible for him to study, and he’s arrogant, because he believes he is ‘smart.’ I don’t think intelligence can be quantified with diligence or persistence: simply put, it is inherent – it is talent, and if you are one without talent, you’re nothing more than a social climber: you are nothing more than a hypocrite. Incidentally, no one tells him that he’s smart, and despite the perseverance he has given to studying the previous semester, we ended up with the same grades. (It perhaps has been a crushing blow to his ego. No matter how much he’d top me for the next years we’re in university, I can always say that though I didn’t exert as much of an effort as he had, we still got the same marks. I love silencing hypocrites.)

What, then, does this have anything to do with anime?

In real life, I admit, I am a hypocrite. Admitting that will exonerate you from the guilt of hypocrisy because you know you are and you know you have had been one. With this, I can propel myself forward by being true to myself, and that is what I find missing among anime enthusiasts. In the school, to be entirely honest, every single one of my classmates know that I love anime and despite the fact that it sometimes irks them when I keep on trying to let them watch episodes of Tsukihime or Honey and Clover perhaps, I don’t stop with my plodding, and I don’t stop being proud as an otaku. It’s because people misinterpret what anime and otaku-dom is all about. Simply to be a beacon in the darkness, an engulfing, beguiling, maddening darkness, is enough for me – despite society’s castigation and intense questioning on why I like anime even as an adult. I always reply that it’s simple. Most anime aren’t even for children.

So whenever people ask if you’re otaku, and you are, say yes! Ask them how they define otaku, however, and correct them whenever possible. Because despite otaku having negative connotations in almost every country in the world, education always helps. We shouldn’t be trying hard to disguise what we are not. That would be the greatest sin.

Typing this article marked the first day I used something in Linux. To tell the truth, I don’t see much difference between using this and Windows. I don’t have much to say, really – just that Linux should be worthy of a try from you guys. I’ve tried it, and I certainly don’t think it as even bad. It’s pretty good, actually.


Asides aside, I hung around the chatroom of the ripping-group [LA] yesterday, because they dropped Hikaru no Go out of their ripping list, having only MAR and Prince of Tennis as the anime they will rip everytime a new episode comes out. By the way, I stand corrected by having expounded on what Jetstream was. It isn’t a Norwegian streaming-media company, but it is a subsidiary of Cartoon Network, and I was surprised I only knew about it recently. (I’m almost always behind anime happenings, however, so I don’t really mind all that much.)

A Google search brought me to several sites talking about Jetstream’s arrival; however, I viewed only AnimeNewsNetwork’s take on its advent, because ANN has been a reputable source when it comes to anime for quite some time already.

Toonami Jetstream is now online, serving free full length episodes of Naruto, Hikaru no Go, and the North American premieres of MÄR and The Prince of Tennis. The service officially launches Monday.

There you have it. [LA], perhaps, as a group, is among the most useless in the anime community (no offense to [LA]) because even one of the group members themselves admitted to doing nothing more than having a stream catcher, taking the stream and then posting it on somewhere™. (Hey, this is perhaps among the other things I’m not used to in Linux – they have another button to use to create a special character, not the alt button. I don’t know what U pertains to.)

I’m just pretty happy, and I guess it’s also news to some that Jetstream shows anime episodes of MAR, Hikaru no Go, Naruto, and Prince of Tennis for 24/7 – and for free. Still, because I’m not under a broadband, don’t watch the other anime and definitely don’t watch dubs, I leave the choice of viewing Jetstream to you. Perhaps if you want some laughs, you could watch Hikaru no Go and laugh at Sai’s ethereally gay voice. Or if you simply want a laugh, just tune in to Jetstream.

I’ve read a lot of the pertinent posts at AnimeSuki, and those made me realize that my ‘quasi-summary’ wasn’t even half as insightful as their posts. To make up for this, here’s an intensive disquisition of what ep4 of Honey and Clover II really was. I think it’s going to be somewhat long, so please bear with me. (more…)

So many good things happened today for me. The most important good thing, however (make it excellent), was that I was able to download Honey and Clover II – 04 after a long wait. First of all, I’ve learned how to play Pugna (the Oblivion in DotA) more or less masterfully, and he’s arguably among the more difficult heroes to control. I was contented with myself back then. (more…)

Whereas in tj han’s blog the Bible is Last Exile, in my blog, the Qur’an is Honey and Clover. If you don’t like it I’m going to declare jihad on you, and I’m much more austere than tj han is (in case you didn’t get it, this was a joke). As you may have noticed, I’m probably going to wax lyrical about H&C for most of the time, but that’s not why I mentioned it in this post. I’ve mentioned why I like H&C in my other posts, but to stress a point, the biggest reasons as to why I really love it is because of its grit and humanistic realism. Stressed also in my other posts (H&C was spattered around in a commentary supposedly about [insert anime here]) is the fact that unrequited love exists in this series. How many romance series have you watched where the main leads don’t end up happily? There’s only quite a few of them. How about a romance series where you know someone’s going to end up alone? To date, only Honey and Clover is the only anime where you know that someone will be alone by the end of the series because there are more girls than guys, and despite the fact that they all are close friends, they also are the same competitors for the love of a guy or a girl inside that circle. (more…)

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