I’ve been posting only summaries and information lately on the anime I constantly blog or love, and haven’t gone much to blogging about anime itself. First off, classes have started, and I’m pretty much forced to cut down on my anime viewing (as if I’d do that), but really, me-time has been replaced with going to school; I have nothing against that, really, because I promised myself that I’d get rich and purchase the best and biggest HDs, fastest RAM, speediest and most consistent T3 connections … all for anime. School isn’t so bad when you have a goal like that. Meh.

Anyway, Honey and Clover II is premiering tomorrow; being the rabid fanboy, I’m hoping for a blow-away first episode. Gack. I’m seeing myself as far from the capabilities of bloggers who blog about memes (!) and stuff in anime-dom I barely know about. (I’m serious. I don’t know much about anime-dom, and just a few days ago I didn’t know Akitaro Daichi, who was the director of Fruits Basket [as if I cared XD].)

I admit, I’m not as into what’s behind the anime as to the anime itself. I don’t go into who produces this, who animates this or who directs this: I simply watch the anime itself. If anything, the anime tells everything. I wouldn’t even mind if it was animated by J.C. Staff or BONES; being human, BONES makes mistakes, just not as much as J.C. Staff, perhaps. But what I’m trying to get to here is that it’s pointless to compare animation studios or directors or whatnot, because even directors like Spielberg directed ET. (I mean, ET, come on. lol, jk)

I’m all into comparing anime – I’m going to compare Ergo Proxy and Honey and Clover and say Honey and Clover’s better, and I’ve gotten into more than a little trouble with that. Thing is, although a lot invoke the apples and oranges argument, as long as they belong to the same medium, anime, they’re all fair game to me as long as I’m comparing them to some general criteria like plot, for example. I’d probably give as much of a 10 to Ghost in the Shell as to Honey and Clover for their plot because both appealed to my senses, were sensible, and weren’t dragging or boring. That doesn’t have to make them similar, just comparable. With this I compare a whole lot of anime and stack them all against each other. As long as they’re anime, they’re fair game to me and some will be near the top and some will fall rock bottom.

Comparing the people or animation studios behind the anime is a waste of time to me, however. But it’s always worth a look: you’d probably watch something to do with Shinichiro Watanabe, even if it was only scriptchecking than this Ruuxvucxva SA(Faufa who directed some obscure anime. People also can’t be as consistent as anime.

I mean, once an anime is there, it’s there forever. It can’t be changed (unless cleaned up in DVD releases), but people can change. How would one know if it was only a fluke, or everything having gone well for the one-time director or writer?

Darn. I got to get some sleep. Ciao.