Anyway, I'm sorry if there are no screenshots – basically, I couldn't take them because I didn't see the video decoder for ffdshow in the system tray which allows me to take those. It's perhaps because it's an MKV, I don't know. I'm really sorry, guys. I hope you enjoy the summary. This episode chronicles the quotidian things Real does.

Real wakes up at 8:00 in the morning, beautifies herself up, flosses her teeth, and walks around with Pino, getting some supplies. Pino, like the child she is, dances around and gambols in the snow. As Real writes in her journal, Vincent dreams of Real: he utters her name. Pino calls Vincent, and fools Vincent for a while because she wore Real's make-up.

Vincent wakes up. He then bumps his head into the low ceiling, and Real writes unacceptable, only to be mimicked by Pino. Vincent greets a good morning to Real; afterwards, out in the deck of the ship, Real pushes Vincent down the snow. She then writes about Vincent being left-handed.

She exercises in the CR, and later on scolds Vincent as Pino plays her recorder. She and Pino then play catch with a ball. After some time, she gets bored and stops playing.

She doesn't know how to cook at all. Even if it was only some spaghetti, she lets the boiling water overflow and drops the packet of spaghetti. She also has problems with a pimple.

Pino knows more about food preparation than her; she doesn't even know how to open canned goods or to slice bread properly. Real keeps on exercising – her lifestyle is indeed boring, but unlike Pino and Vincent who try to glean something out of it, she remains something caustic and irritating.

These images repeat again and again.

Later, Vincent and Pino play by using cans to walk on snow. Still later, Pino plays with Real's make-up and looks like a gaudy clown. She invites Vincent to play with her as he cleans up Real's mess with the spaghetti. Vincent somewhat accedes, and Vincent doesn't look too bad as a girl (really). He even tries to even out the make-up on his face when Real arrives. He breaks some of her make-up accessories as he hits the low ceiling again. Real, irate, closes the door on them both and Vincent tries to follow Real to ask for forgiveness. Although she was only beside the ship, he doesn't see her and even ventures somewhat far from the ship to try and find her.

Real scolds Vincent again in the dining table.

The scene changes. Pino, outside, mimics Real's putting on of her make-up. She looks like an Adachi character here (no joke), especially with the eyes, as Real looks curiously on. She even mimics Real's surprise at seeing a pimple on her face.

Snow arrives, and Real doesn't seem too happy being stuck with it. Whereas Vincent and Pino have fun in it (Pino even tries to wake Real up), Real stays in bed looking constipated. After some time Real hears Vincent shouting vulgar words at the wind, taunting it. Real doesn't join in, thinking it to be a joke.

The snow prevents them from leaving the place, and although Pino and Vincent still live it up and remain content, Real looks like shit. One time, Real sleeps with Pino, away from her bed, and to surprise her, Vincent and Pino stop the alarm clock from running at 8 am. Real wakes up, later on, and sees Pino and Vincent preparing their food.

Real writes pointless entries in her journal; as her candle was nearly consumed, she calls Vincent to ask for another one. Vincent was about to light that candle when Real grabs Vincent's face and draws it near her. Vincent, surprised and excited, does not know what to do, that is, until Real plucks off one of Vincent's facial hairs. (And here I thought there was going to be some 'action', really.)

An aurora appears; Pino launches a snowball that hits Vincent's face directly. Real does what Vincent did before: she called the wind vulgar names, taunting it. It works.


I don't know what to make of this. This, for the most part, has been a character-development episode, mainly that of Real. Despite her cold facade, once again, we know that she's human, prone to whims, sadness, happiness, madness. She also seems to have warmed up to Pino and Vincent despite what she thinks of them. Nothing has moved forward in terms of story, but perhaps we'll know from this episode why Real will act as such in the following episodes.