I've been spoiling myself terribly these past few days just to have more of my Honey and Clover fix. I won't spoil you, but give some tidbits of information I've obtained from different sources.

    OP: "Fugainaiya (ふがいないや)" by YUKI
    ED: "Split (スプリット)" by SuneoHair

    Yes, those are the same guys who brought us our OP and ED of season one, so at the least we can expect similar music. I wonder how Split can top Waltz, however – I really do think Waltz is among the best anime songs of all time.

    Next, there will be NO more third season of Honey and Clover; everything will practically end on this season. Things, then, to look up to:

  • There will probably be a LOT more resolution than the first season.

  • If my guess will be right, two out of four among the main male characters (Shuuji, Takemoto, Morita and Mayama) will have partners. I won't tell you who, but some will end up empty-handed.

  • Things will not go as your typical romance anime. Realism in this anime series is so vivid that not everybody will end up happy. The twists will also be unexpected; I was like whoa! when I discovered that the relationship nearest to being set-in-stone was also the one that I had expected least. No, seriously.

  • There are only 13 episodes. This is confirmed.

  • Solar Fansubs confirmed that they will sub this series, and we all know how good Solar is.

    It will air at June 29 in Japan, though I'm not so sure about the time. If Solar gives priority to subbing H&C, the first subbed episode will probably appear three to four days afterwards. I will blog this series.