I'm a total Honey and Clover fanatic. If it means anything, I slept at an average of four hours for this week amidst a heavy semester just to watch an episode of H&C everyday. I think it's among the greatest anime of all time with its beautiful cocktail of human nature, goodness, emotions, and bittersweet relationships that only Shingetsutan Tsukihime could perhaps only par with. I've been told off by some people because I'm TOO rabid a fanboy. I, however, disagree with them – H&C still has its flaws despite it being among the greatest anime I've seen. However, I feel that there only has one big flaw that lessened the enjoyment of Honey and Clover, and that was changing the ED from Waltz to Mistake.

It was their biggest mistake. 'Mistake' just didn't deliver with its rock-ballady tones compared to the placidly plaintive 'Waltz,' and for me, the lyrics also didn't compare because Waltz was simply more symbolic than mistake. Seriously, I cried at ep6 and ep24 simply because Waltz was so well-ingrained into the scene that it conveys and paints it so beautifully to the viewer. This has not been achieved with 'Mistake,' even for heavy episodes like ep15 and ep16. Using 'Mistake' instead of sticking to 'Waltz' definitely detracted enjoyment of the show. It's because rock isn't a suitable genre, really, to use in an anime like this. Simpler ballads that are 'pop'-ish, or soulful deliver the message better, because this anime presents bittersweet experiences of a group of friends as they grow and improve and develop in life. Soul music tends to present this emotion better, and mixes better with the show as a whole, as one can observe.

I'd personally have enjoyed the heavier episodes more if I heard Waltz playing at the end rather than Mistake. I hope they don't make the same mistake again.