I replied to a post made by Kaoru Chujo in AnimeSuki on Rika and Mayama. I thought this was blog-worthy, and seeing that I was the one who wrote it anyway, thought that there’s no harm in posting it. Perhaps this explains why I like Mayama a lot as a person, and why I hope for a RikaxMayama pairing at the end of it all.

You forgot that on that dark night in Rika’s life where she felt there was no more hope, it was Mayama that stayed with her on her bedside, watching the moon and understanding totally how she feels. In a state deeper than trenches, he was the one who was there, who held her hand, who comforted her (he did not sleep!). He also realized he was far away from getting her, and that was why he watched the bright moon in the night sky. To an extent, Rika reciprocated all that he has done for her with a kiss (and perhaps something more) as shown in the anime. Mayama still knew his place, however, and did not do anything more than to be a great worker and be subservient to Rika – to the extent of literally taking care of her.

I do think that being a diligent worker was not the primary reason why Rika couldn’t let go of Mayama. I think your ‘intimacy breeds intimacy’ hypothesis is among the towering reasons why she couldn’t let go. Shuuji moved away from Rika at that time; he realized that he couldn’t get close, but did nothing about it just as he had done all his life. He often made the third choice (as he has stated in ep17, I think), and although he has grown to be a person that one could depend on is still very lonely as one. Mayama’s the guy that despite being taken as uncool or obnoxious (ep6) will do his best despite all innumerable setbacks and obstacles in his way. I also admire him as a person that could rein in his emotions of love and obsession (often burning passions) to a person who’s physically and psychologically weak – if he were any other self-serving male, he’d have forced himself into Rika, but he didn’t do this – he waited.

Rika also realizes that it isn’t Mayama’s fault, but hers – her inability to reciprocate for the first season, that is. Reading those wonderful spoilers, I’d love to ponder on how they’re going to animate that relationship that’s almost set in stone later on …

Too blinded with her husband’s death, as we are oftentimes in the face of great adversity, she failed to see the beauty and nobility of Mayama’s actions. Time passes, however, and wounds are healed. Then one realizes one has to move on, which I’d say Mayama has been championing the cause of for Rika. How he did that was a simply beautiful read: I’d probably cry if it looked even better animated. After one frees himself from the blindness, however, one can look at the people nearby who one has been with all the way, even in the ebb points of his life. For Rika, it has been Shuuji and Mayama, but because both Rika and Shuuji have realized the impossibility of being together as the shadow of Harada always hung upon them, there’s always Mayama. I won’t detract anything from Mayama, however, because he’s among the male leads in an anime that is far away from idiocy; he’s persevering, diligent, loving and caring for his friends … that’s why I hope for his happy ending.

I still hope for more of a resolution with Honey and Clover, but for the most part, I can simply wow at the advances the characters of Rika and Mayama made. For the most part also, Honey and Clover has already ended. Only Yamada’s life and love story hasn’t been resolved yet, but I hope it will in the future – she’s the only other person aside from Mayama that I’d like to have a totally happy ending.

I love this show.

Yes, I love this show a whole lot. If anything comes near to this, it would be Shingetsutan Tsukihime, which ties with Honey and Clover right now for my favorite anime of all time.