I’m using the Connections theme because it’s the only one that gives me some leeway to be free with what image header I like. Though it’s quite limited, I’m thankful that I can use images other than the ones bundled with the theme itself. Now that I look at it, it isn’t so bad – and Rika’s always good!

It still looks clean and neat as a theme, so unless all the other themes possess the ability to upload custom images, I think I’m going to stick with this for now. I ask pardon for the pixelation – the custom image header ability is very limited – I can only crop a specific part of the image, and I guess they don’t take account for the pixelation.

Anyway, I hope you still enjoy my site. Unless someone can give a better H&C picture that won’t pixelate when I place it as my header, I’ll stick to Rika-san temporarily. 😉