After watching Honey & Clover, I'm rewatching it right now (again, yes, again) because it's just so good. [insights] is a category where I'm placing all of what I observed better after rewatchings of this series. However, because I'm pretty intermittent (not to mention lazy) with having a single post with all the insights, I guess episode one's will have to do for now. I'm probably going to finish insights on Dramatic some time later on. 


Episode One:

Just like life, it all ends where it all starts. It also all starts where it all ends. The rolling of the bicycle wheels symbolize life's full circle, life's revolution and yet its return to where it started. It also symbolizes moving forward, somewhat a foreboding of the things to come. With the meeting of the six central characters of the story, the director of Honey & Clover has ingeniously placed subtleties within the first episode that portend what will happen in the last while also emphasizing on the points stated above. Takemoto, arguably the primary main character, driving in the rain is a scene probably taken years after the time the first episode was set. This was astounding foresight by the director and the crew of the show, perhaps by the mangaka herself, to beautifully hide in what seems to be the now as of the first episode what will be the now of later on.