There have been a lot of hurdles from me putting up a summary, but it was mostly because of Honey and Clover. Everybody should seriously watch that anime. Anyway, after doing a marathon until 2 am today, I was too tired to watch another episode of Ergo Proxy. Besides, Honey and Clover just owns Ergo Proxy in so many levels, IMO. The raw took an unexpectedly longer time to appear, and when it did, there were no seeds. I just finished downloading this early morning today. Anyway, enough about the stuff on Honey and Clover, but I promise you, I'll blog the second season to death.

Centered in what seems to be a game show, Vince sits with the spotlight on him. He is asked questions by someone invisible; he only gets two out of the many questions asked correct. He is then presented to the crowd with a violet-haired presenter: they applaud him. The name of the presenter is MCQ. The prizes are presented after the rules are said with autoreivs dressed in bikinis and skin, except that their faces are metallic. Rules are, from what I've understood, is that when you lose – you die. He has 90000 points already.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at www.TurboImageHost.comReal and Pino are trapped inside glass vessels. (I think) They're going to be killed if Vincent doesn't win.

Their first game is then played: 'What is this?' is its name. His first answer is Real Mayer. Sadly, it isn't the correct one, and the lives of Pino and Real are still endangered. He answers Pino next, but he still gets it incorrect. He questions MCX because those are the only two people he cared for or love, but MCX says he's still wrong. The presenter gives hints that the answer's going to be Ergo Proxy, but Vincent replies with exactly that and still gets it wrong.

The next quiz is a 'mosaic game.' An image is blurred to make the contestant almost unable to figure what is in the picture, but he has to guess what it is. Vincent guesses a human, but gets wrong; he continues on with commenting that it's either a man or a woman.

Satellites then appear all around. Raul watches Pino, and Kristeva confirms that it is indeed them. Daedalus, Donov and the council all watch the game show. Daedalus mutters 'Real' under his breath.Real and Pino don't get killed after all; they are released from their glass chambers.

In a commercial, the history of the Earth is relayed, from the formation of earth from hot mass, to the creation of life and its evolution. It continues then with the evolution of man, who hunt mammoths to exist and flourish. Then the game comes back on with the mosaic quiz, but this time Real and Pino are playing too. The mosaic seems to show a spaceship.

Real seems nonchalant; Vincent doesn't seem to know the answer, and when Pino raised her answer it was an exact replica of a portion of the mosaic. So it's a big spaceship after all, but Vincent doesn't know the name to it, so he still gets a wrong answer. It's another break, but this time, Vincent watches as Mr. MCQ is being fixed up by the autoreivs: make-up, etc.

(So the premise of this show is to get 1,000,000 within 30 minutes. Took some time to get that.)

It's now time for the question and answer portion: this portion reveals more about what happened in the past, like for example, methane hydrate was the source of energy for the 21st century. There's also something to do with Boomerang Project, though I don't know what that is.

Vincent wins after a whole lot of questions answered correctly, but he also had many faux-pas along the way.MCQ then is given flowers by the autoreivs, and the show ends.


Not that masterful of an episode, so I guess the DVD and the retraction stuff is off. The past is more fleshed out, and the animation is consistent, but that's it. I can't understand a whole lot because it's quite complex; anyway, here's hoping for the next episode.