This is another CG presentation from Sunrise.

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It starts with a vivid explosion, with the debris of what was once a ship falling down into earth. The scene changes abruptly: two hands then reach out, grabbing for air, as the person sinks deeper and deeper.

The explosion was recorded into video by a military faction; cryptically, a female character says that the mission assigned to them was merely a poor man's job. The scene changes again to an assembly line – this time, judging with the uniforms, it's a different faction or a different army altogether. A prototypical ship was being finished: it was then noted that after the mission it will be disposed of.

An illusion appears to a pilot (I think, because he's wearing that astronaut suit) – he salutes the one who has gone down with the ship for leading an honest life. The scene again changes to two people saluting the female character mentioned a while ago. The enemy then appears in front of their eyes (some useless talk happened a while ago – I omitted them).

The seaman, one of the two people saluting is tasked to destroy a rocket. Because he doesn't properly obey orders he misses the target and the missiles detonate uselessly.

The 'different' army I was mentioning about belonged to the same army and same ship, after all. Their difference in clothing was nothing more than class designations. After this, the second of the two saluting, the chinky-eyed man, was tasked to accompany the recalcitrant seaman, with another mission to destroy another set of rockets towards space.

They fail again, only because of an enemy's ambush waiting for them. They fire fruitlessly – but the missiles they were supposed to destroy were far away.

The seaman and the lieutenant then have a long talk after the lieutenant talks with the female character, who's also a captain. In the end, they decide that they would fight no matter what, but it's for one last time – they've been too unsuccessful as of late with the Z'Gok, the experimental ship the seaman's using. (The name of the pilot is Werner Holbein, by the way.) But before they release the ship, they were attacked by two Zaku (? – I'm not sure). Nevertheless, the captain and Werner willingly risk being destroyed to release the mobile diver or the Z'Gok. They manage to do so.

The weapon outfitted with the Z'Gok this time is a beam cannon – the last ones were missile launchers. Despite all odds, the Z'Gok and Werner destroyed all five rockets ascending to space; Werner escapes unharmed, but only for a little while: the enemy has tracked him down and shoots at him – he has no more weapons, and gets injured while trying to outmaneuver the enemy planes.

He crashes into the sea. Reports confirm that he has died, however, he has finally succeeded in his mission.


I'm pretty much having a mixed one right now. On one hand, it started slowly, didn't flesh out the characters pretty well, and was just a bundle of action. On the other hand, it showed the merits of sacrifice for a greater good, and it showed a lot of action as well. It takes quite a while to get used to the CG, but it happens all in good time.

Thinking deeper, however, the action was not enough – I did like the beam cannon sequence, but it wasn't enough to carry the episode on its shoulders. Overall, a relatively so-so watch: there is great animation, good CG use, and more or less an okay story within its thirty minutes. It's a vague, inchoate feeling, but I know it lacks something. It just didn't have enough kick for me, although it may have it for you. I can say for certain that if you just want to watch coolness, skip to the beam cannon part, and afterwards, stop watching it. 😉

I think this OVA is standalone – meaning that although there are three OVAs with similar titles, each of them possess disparate stories from one another, all about UC 0079.