The exodus begins. Real, Vincent and Pino travel on the Rabbit. Real looks through a telescope, and it seems Real still doesn't get close with Vincent. Real says something harsh to Vincent, which causes him to reply plaintively.

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At another scene, perhaps placed at the past, Real 'swims' in a small body of water, as Pino and Vincent watch.

It seems that under Real's telescope was another dome, but this dome seems cleaner and friendlier than Romdeau. Pino and Vincent explore and do the shopping in an unpopulated mall. It seems the place's name is Ophelia [note that I can only judge by their actions; I'm not a fluent Japanese speaker] because that's what's seen in the cash registers.

Meanwhile, outside, Real has daydreams of Iggy that seem real enough because she managed to shout for Iggy. Of course, Iggy's dead and gone, but Real still has a feeling that he is alive (perhaps in her heart? lol). In the middle of the dome, Real sees a forest with clear water.

Going back to before the OP plays, Real appears to be floating in the water, slowly sinking. I just noticed after writing the text above that this is definitely a clear allusion to Ophelia, a Shakesperean character who drowns herself to death when discovering that Hamlet is mad. (See one of my blogs entitled Ophelia.) There's pictures of Ophelia that's strikingly similar to these ones:

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(Click the images for bigger images.)

The water where Ophelia and Real take a bath are similar, too:

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Pino's just too cute for her own good. Anyway, going back to the episode, Real comes back to the supermarket/mall where Vincent and Pino took a lot of canned goods from the shelves to eat. Vincent prepares a greenish soup for Real as Pino tears open different canned goods. Real tastes the soup but eats no further, even as Pino gave her her cocktail of canned goods; she says she has to go somewhere. Pino shows a cute face to Vincent.

Real climbs up a ladder; we find out later that she's on top of the Ophelia Mall (that's part of the Ophelia dome, whatever). She comes back, eats the greenish soup, and Vincent, as he was walking by to restock on their supplies, gives Real a softdrink. Real thanks him as Pino walks by carrying a gallon-container (of water, perhaps? Yeah, I think so.) The small smile on Real's face after Vincent gives her a softdrink is priceless. At least their relationship's growing, don't you think?

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That's going to make you feel good later on. 🙂

I think I got what the drink was. It was ginger ale. Damn Engrish.

I laughed when Vincent made his forwards on Real with ginger ale, and then later on telling her that he really loves her. He goes near her, confesses again and again, and Real pushes him; he falls down. It seems that he has died; however, when Real quickly goes down to try to help, he disappears.

I applaud Yuuko Kawabe on how she delivers on her title. It seems that piece by piece, Real's obscured reality from fantasy. She *thinks* Vincent advances on her. There is also some attraction she *thinks* she feels between Vincent and her, but doesn't really occur. Real is near their ship this time around, looking for Pino, the autoreiv. When Pino appears, she tries to shoot her down; Vincent moves the gun so it fired upward, and he locks Real inside the door because he tells Real that Pino never meant any harm to anybody – Pino also didn't do anything wrong.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at www.TurboImageHost.comI'm confused – this time it isn't a linear story-telling. Just after Vincent talks to Pino on why Real's so angry with her, Real's body falls to the ground, with someone above the building implied who pushed her. The locked gate is now open: Real is nowhere to be found; Vincent quickly goes up to find out what really happened. Then he sees the fallen Real to not be there at all. (It seems that worlds morph and intertwine in Ophelia.) Real's body has now disappeared, and Real is behind him aiming at gun at him. Real angrily asks him what he is and locks him behind as she runs away. Vincent tries to open the lock but remains stuck.

There's a switch to another scene. Here, Vincent carries Real on her back and goes with Pino. Vincent then asks Pino if she loves (likes?) Vincent, and Pino replies that she does. Vincent then brings Real into the body of water, with Pino asking what they're doing there.

Another Vincent (or is it the real Vincent) runs around the store seeking for Pino and Real. Running around the deserted town, he sees no one of them, and the Centzon has disappeared along with those two.

So here's the revelation. There are two Vincents. The fake Vincent was discovered by Pino when he tried choking her, and when he couldn't reply as to if he really liked/loved Real, to which the real Vincent will instantly reply yes. Are there two Reals?

The real Vincent sees as Real slowly sinks down to the small lake (?) and removes her from the water. He then tries to awaken her. Only a second later, her eyes open. FUCK. There are also two Reals, and the Real that Vincent saves is the one that chokes him, and drags him down the water. (Pino's cuteness shines amidst all the casuistry here. Go, Pino.) Ironically, the one that saves the real Real from drowning is Pino herself.

The fake Real, the one choking Vincent as they go down the lake is a proxy. Vincent transforms into Ergo Proxy, while the fake Real disappears, but before that, she shows her proxy eyes. At the deepest end of the lake is another town similar to the deserted Ophelia, but this time, it's full of people. Ergo Proxy lands near the supermarket, and people run away from him.

The many instances of Vincent then talk with one another rapidly. Eventually, Vincent resurfaces, but Real, having been hurt by the other Vincent, fails to believe in the real Vincent; she even points a gun at him. The other Vincent appears and mutters some more as they return to his world of darkness.

Vincent reappears again and again to which Real and him face-off, with Real telling him off every single time. The final time, however, Vince's patience is so torn away that he chokes Real. (I was like WTF, don't ask me why he did that.) Real seems to have ended up dying, and in the last time, Pino appears telling Vincent to stop. Because he didn't, she ends up being afraid and runs away from Vincent. It seems the other Vincent seeks synergy. (I'm not sure if it's all Real, but with Pino, I think it is.)

No, it isn't. Vincent is still in the bright hole underwater, with Real and Pino watching. Two Vincents appear under their very eyes, with them transforming into Ergo Proxies and going underwater.

The scene where Vincent rises up from the underwater being waited upon by Real appears again. This time, another conversation occurs.

There's another scene-shift, and Pino reads a book. They're all in the Centzon Totochin, and it ends with Vincent on a soliloquy. Real's smile here is priceless.


This is a highly-complex episode. Scene-shifts are abrupt and we don't realize until later who is who. Eventually, this is an episode about self-discovery … but the quality of the show has significantly improved. Similar to episode thirteen, there aren't any cross-eyes and the animation's top notch. Only a few more episodes to go before I can put this among my top anime. Ultimately, I wonder if it was Ergo Proxy teaching Vincent a lesson, or giving him balls enough to be stronger for Real.

I am really sorry if my summary is out of place; I tried my best, but the scene-shifts leave much to be interpolated and guessed of, and I only tried my best at a chronological ordering. Damn it, it's hard to understand. But it's a great watch, nonetheless – there is somewhat Real's acceptance of Vincent: i. e. she learns to smile at him – and pure smiles at that.

Bonus pictures ;):

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