Watching the first four episodes should be enough for one's first impressions, right?

Right now, I'm feeling the loss of dispossession. I didn't have Internet once more until late January of this year, and when I did, Suzuka finished a few weeks ago — and I didn't have any idea of what it was. Looking around in the AS forums, I stumbled upon a conversation that discussed Suzuka. I watched its first episode, and I was right away hooked with it. I instantly downloaded the whole series, and it took me until yesterday downloading it, but until now, I'm still having fun with the series.

To be honest entirely (despite my current love for the series), it doesn't have much in its favor. The character designs are not exactly stunning when compared to similarly recent anime – in fact, it reminds me of the character designs circa-late 1990s. It's quite old. From here I saw that this wasn't really a high-budget production – the animation was also simply mediocre.

The OSTs and the songs are great, but despite its shortcomings I think what made me love Suzuka was its story. (Despite being a guy, I'm such a sucker for these things.) It was highly reminiscent of Hiatari Ryoukou, another romance anime in which sports is central to the movement and direction of the story. The main heroine in that anime was also really good with track-and-field, so I'm guessing Suzuka was inspired by Mitsuru Adachi, among the masters of old-school anime like Touch.

The OP and ED is really catchy, I'll tell you that. I sometimes am surprised at myself singing it subconsciously. Now to find out where I can download those … ^_^ *hint hint*

To keep it simple, as of episode four I wholeheartedly recommend watching Suzuka to all fans of romance with sports as a theme. I also simply recommend it to those who like romances, seeing that there are also a lot of people who think they're too cheesy.

I think this will be my substitute to the second season of AMG. (Not that it's only good as a substitute, it's among the better anime I've seen dealing with romances.)