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Ergo Proxy – 12

I just discovered this nifty ability of WordPress to shorten out posts so as not to look cluttered yet still could be extended. Darn, I was stupid not to notice this all along. Anyway, of course, as this is a summary, there will be spoilers. To encourage you to read further, I think just the fact that Real kissed Vincent this episode should be enough … The necklace of Vincent spins around, and in the distance is a barren, purple emptiness.

The Rabbit continues on its journey, with Pino and Vincent on the outside.
Focus shifts to Real, who in a flashback returns Vincent's necklace.

Vincent struggled to tell something, but she was stopped by Real. Her craft follows the Rabbit, and Vincent's look is simply classic bishounen.

Pino teases Vincent that Real is a scary onee-chan, but she's beautiful (at least from what I could glean. Her beam of a smile her really is cute.)

Real wants to know more about who Proxy is, and has a lot of doubt on Vincent. Vincent STILL (no joke, folks) tries to deny it – somewhat saying 'I don't know what you're talking about.'

The episode title then appears as Vincent starts the Rabbit up – Hideout.

A reddish fluid is leaking as somewhat a guy with white hair picks it up. The Rabbit plods on, and Real's ship follows.

When Vincent stops his ship, Real also stops hers. Pino, after disembarking calls out to Real as the scary sister, trying to tell her that Vincent and her are around.

Vincent then shares a cup of hot soup to Real after them settling down beside a blue-white fire.

They talk about Proxy and how Real has a strong doubt with Vincent. Vince would like to go back to Moscow to rediscover everything (basing from context.)

Pino wanders around.

After the chat, back inside her spaceship as Iggy searches around, she has a flashback to Daedalus's laboratory, where Daedalus tells her of the power of the anti-proxy bullets.

The past reappears as if in a montage, as she has a soliloquy.

Real gets out, and approaches a sleeping Vincent.Real falters on where to shoot, if to aim for the head or the feet. In the end, she just sits down and talks to Vincent instead.

Vincent blushes with what Real says. You are Proxy, Real reiterates. Vincent then quickly and efficiently pins Real down to the bed …

… Real reaches for the gun …

… but gets distracted when Vincent says —

'I love you.' He then repeats it.

Iggy analyses the sleeping Pino. (Talk about holding one's breath for an epiphany.)

He talks about himself trying to deny being a monster, but despite everything, he says he loves her.

The gun drops …

… and Real kisses Vincent. She holds his hand. And her look seems to be not of a sly outsmarting, but of a remorseful wish.

This moment is broken jarredly when a child tries to steal food. Vincent sheds light on the child, as he chases her.

The child loses Vincent – at the entrance of a cave where the child was, two blue eyes appear.

Iggy fixes up Real's hair. She looks hot without the nekomimi hairstyle. (Well, she looks hot most of the time.) But then, as they chat Iggy keeps her neat and tidy – and with the nekomimis.

Pino disappears, and Vincent calls for her. The mere thought of that kiss by Real lets Vincent hit his hand. Talk about how besotted he is.

Pino plays her recorder, but she falls into a deep hole, which was right smack into that child (presumably Proxy) and the two blue eyes' lair. Because she is curious, she follows the child.

A giant beside the child appears; it chases Pino, and Vincent feels something tearing at his heart (literally.)

Real chases after Pino. Vincent transforms right under Iggy's eyes.

Real runs, and Pino yells sister for Real to stop. Face to face, after she looks up, with her is the giant who also seems to be a Proxy. Tense, she tries to loosen her shotgun, but Vincent comes to save the day, transforming into Ergo right under Real's nose.

A quick flashback to the first episode – then Real covers her mouth in disgust. Pino shouts 'Vincent!' but the battle between the two monsters (or proxies, or whatever begins).

She looks at Vincent/Ergo, and tears stream with her left eye. She then chats with Iggy a little later on, but she continues to seek out Vincent, who's seemingly disappeared.

The giant and Ergo battle it out, but Ergo knocks Proxy to the ground. Real then decides who to shoot between the two of them, and then decides on Ergo.

The fight still ensues. Ergo manages to tear off an arm of the little proxy (or robot, or w/e) and keeps on fighting the giant monster.

Real shoots, but instead of hitting Ergo she hits the hulk; light comes out of his eyes, so it seems he's a proxy too.

The robot-child walks away, despite missing an arm. Real points her remaining gun and FP bullet to Vincent/Ergo, but Ergo is determined to stand his ground. In fact, he doesn't even seem scared, while Real does all the shaking.

Ergo and Vincent have different personalities, as proven in the clash between Vincent and Ergo. Vincent stifles Ergo from doing anything to Real.

'I won't kill you now, but I will, later.'

Later on, Iggy asks if Real would come back to Romdeau with him. She disagrees,
but Iggy tries on remaining adamant; in the end, however, he accedes, and goes back to Romdeau and Daedalus with the new giant dead proxy.

It seems Iggy is infected already. Real, Vincent, and Pino, go together as the snows fall.


To be honest, Real looked absolutely stunning in this episode. That's probably why I've more screenshots than I normally do. The kiss and other subtle (and more obvious) hints at character development make me think that my hypothesis has validity after all.

To say the least, it has been an interesting episode – probably the most interesting I've ever seen. The animation, although good, still is far from top-notch. What the hell is the deal with Real being cross-eyed?! No!

It's another good episode.