An online friend of mine who knew Japanese translated 2ch comments on Ergo Proxy – 12. This is by far my most awaited episode from what she obtained:

  • Vincent confesses to Real. (I told you this was going to be a love story.)
  • Ergo wants to kill Real. Vincent, of course, wants to rabu~rabu her.
  • There's a freaking kiss … and it's a wet one! Real wipes her mouth afterwards.

Ooooohhh … the comments make me want to twist and turn in my bed as I'm writing this. I always banked and thought it's going to be a love story. Always. 

Is it going to be like the scene of X-men III between Jean Grey and Logan? Mmmm!
Man, I can't wait for the raw to come out – this is the 'emotional desolation' and 't3h smexin' episode. πŸ™‚