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It's more or less a situational summary from both the actions seen in the show and what little Japanese I could understand.

Trying to find Pino in the middle of nowhere, Vincent stumbles upon an old bookshop called as the City Lights library.

He meets with the bookshop owner named JJ, and asks if the bookstore owner has seen Pino.

After their short chat he pulls out a book with his name engraved on the front cover as if he was the author. He is then hypnotized to stay frozen as the bookstore owner arranges the books. Books with his name on it then appear all around.

After a while, the books are all organized, and with the snap of the fingers of the bookstore owner once more Vincent comes back to consciousness. He then sees the bookshop full of books with his name on them.

His voice resonates as Vincent sees Dorothy once more. Before this Vincent was asking if it was another dream of his again, and the voice says otherwise.

Dorothy, however, appears as Ergo Proxy while saying a lot of stuff. It is then known that he is shown the image of where he once worked; however, all the faces were changed into Ergo Proxy's.

He tries running away, and scene changes to the mall in episode two. Most people are seen only as shadows as the mother and baby ride the escalator upwards (incidentally, they were the same ones who were killed by Monad in episode two.)

The two are then focused with faces again like Ergo's, and then the baby speaks before Monad Proxy appears and Vincent, afraid, falls back. He sees another instance of himself and an Ergo-faced Dorothy, and the camera then pans out to show a labyrinth.

He is then interrogated by (yeah) another Ergo-face, and later on talks to who once seemed like Hoody and Real. At the thought of seeing Real, Vincent blushes, but it's shown to be another Ergo Proxy face.

The reappearances of the face serve to wean Vincent out of thinking he isn't Ergo Proxy. He still, even now, vehemently denies that he is Ergo – he still thinks he is Vincent Law.

He runs away to see a bird's-eye view of what happened in episode two, where he runs away from Monad while Monad kills people.

The scene comes back to the interrogation with Vincent still saying that he is Vincent Law.
We then see that he saw Real first while being on a line which seems to be a registration for migrants. At another flashback, we see Moscow burning down as Vincent walks away from it.

He reiterates to himself that it's all a dream.

Some more images appear – but Ergo Proxy pronounces himself as Vincent and Vincent is he. Vincent still tries to denies this.

In the end, faced with overwhelming evidence, and trapped in a mirror wall, he realizes that he and Ergo Proxy are one.

The scene changes back to the bookstore, and they talk some more. It culminates with the bookshop owner saying 'Vincent Law, or rather, Ergo Proxy.' Everything becomes black.

Pino is then seen outside the Rabbit trying to find Vincent, and one notices that the books lying on the floor slowly lose their 'Vincent Law' titles as Pino comes out of the Rabbit once more. A spacecraft has detected her movement, by the way. Vincent lies somewhere in the ash (?) but says that he is Proxy.

Real reaches out her hand. Vincent thinks it's a dream once more. But with Pino and the Rabbit in the background …


Wow, the animation and character designs have gone from bad to beautiful. This is the circa-first episode class of character design, and the OP animation seemed cleaner than usual.

Vincent now realizes he is Proxy, and Real comes back, probably to ask more about who Vincent is and to know more about him. Overall, a great episode compared to the more or less shit that came before this. The story has been flowing more or less, and I think Manglobe showed what they were all about this episode.

I'm not expecting Ergo Proxy to be a love story, but its prospects of being one are slowly getting higher and higher, because, one admits that both Real and Vincent are feeling alienated from Romdeau and from its conformity. They try to seek something new … although Vincent tried to stick with Romdeau, to become an ideal citizen.

Basing it from MrProphet's post on AS, anamnesis as per Aristotlian definition is simply a rediscovery. This has been what the episode was all about – a rediscovery of who Vincent really is, and despite his denials, who he is as Ergo Proxy.

It's a great episode, IMO.