I’m seeking to improve – I tried my best in giving you a cogent summary of Ergo Proxy as early as possible, and pretty sure to its consistency unless someone proves me otherwise.

Any anime that you’d suggest me blogging? I could blog all the rarities like Black Jack, Gintama, Digimon Savers, etc. I’m pretty sure my attitude towards blogging is more or less humble, and if it is quite arrogant, I ask your pardon.

I hope you could comment on my posts, start and lengthen discussions, give feedback – I am welcome to improvement, so that my blog can also etch itself on your hearts (no joke).

Comments to all posts are very, very welcome, even disagreement or digression. I’m totally welcome to it, as long as there’s no flaming and one doesn’t try to be arrogant.

Thank you for reading this. I hope for your replies.