I still don't understand enough Japanese; that isn't learnt in a day or week, or even month, but I can have the value of diligence and conscientiousness. I used Systran, a passable language translator and delved into Japanese blogs on Ergo Proxy. From there, I build I up what I write. Of course I also watched the raw and meshed my common sense from the episode with the writings.

The show starts to be a power play between Raul and Daedalus: Raul has obtained information about Monad Proxy and wants to do something with the city, and Daedalus I think has obtained the key to controlling the flow of electricity to the city. Chief Writer Dai Sato's grave appears, and panning out reveals a live and healthy Real Mayer.

Because of its decadence, Romdeau is slowly torn apart, and Raul and Daedalus seek to take over. Before this, by the way, Raul is irate at the council and Donov, because he punches a mirror and injures his hand. Going down an elevator, he talks with Kristeva, and a blackout occurs. The time: two minutes, seventeen seconds, and 23 milliseconds.
If the blackout continued past the three-minute mark Romdeau surely will be put into danger.

Guess what Daedalus's citizen number is: 021723 … one could almost say it's a sign for Raul to keep off his back.

Real then finds herself in a city filled with robots performing the myriad of duties in that town. It is less crowded, however, and the only thing striking about it aside from the robots is the fact that it is filled with a whole lot of graves.

Real, in a dream, then talks to herself – and in this dream she finds resolve to seek who Ergo Proxy is, perhaps to defeat him (she has anti-Amrita bullets, by the way, courtesy of Daedalus). With Iggy, they fly away – and screen fades to Paranoid Android.

What's wonderful this episode is that they added more depth to Raul, and aside from the philosophy involved the politicking of real life. That's good – I'm getting to like this series again. However, what amount of the story is redeemed is removed by the animation – by gosh, it was subpar … except until the last part, where Real really, really, looked great.

Click for a larger image of Real, by the way.

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