a brief summary of Ergo Proxy – 10
[BS doesn't mean bullshit, it means brief summary]

As I can't understand Japanese for now, kindly pardon for my more or less summary based on the action of the characters. At least I'm not lying about how much I know. 😀

It starts with Raul talking to Kristeva about paradise … I can't figure out much … I'm a dumbass. Anyway, Real appears, so fanboys like me can praise the Lord that she has appeared once more.

However, this episode is generally an explication episode, so there are a lot of talks, this time mainly occurring between Raul and Daedalus, somewhat challenging one another on the control of Romdeau. Real appears in a mysterious town run by robots, and has Iggy with her. I assume it's because Daedalus sent her there. From what I can glean from the Japanese bet. Raul and Daedalus, D has an obsession over the Proxy, and they talk somewhat mainly about the proxies.

There isn't any Vincent this episode, but I was laughing my ass out when this appeared:

You can view the large picture here: http://img134.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bscap00057ze.jpg

Yes, that's Raul and Daedalus. Yes, I was laughing my ass out …