Here's some of my educated guesswork.

Remember this?

14 Someone Else That Looks Like You 貴方に似た誰か/ophelia 2006-06-10

(I've set Ophelia in bold. That will mean something, as you will discover later on.)

Have you ever read Hamlet? If not, Ophelia is a prominent figure in that Shakespearean play as the lover of Hamlet. After an evil plot by her father, whom she loves so much, made her meet with Hamlet, she discovers that Hamlet was insane, as was insinuated by her father. This depresses and saddens her to the extent of madness, and afterwards, she drowned herself in a stream. She kills herself because she loves Hamlet so much that it tears her apart. Familiar?

Sparks and fireworks fly in my head. This is mainly because Vincent could be taken as an allusion to Hamlet. Of course, there are significant differences, but I've noticed that both heroes have gone down the path of madness. (If episode eight wasn't an indication of Vincent slowly losing it, I don't know what is.) If Hamlet could be taken to be Vincent, I'm pretty sure Ophelia is either Monad Proxy or Real. The conversation between Kazukis and Vincent revealed through Kazukis's words that Monad loved Vincent to the extent of offering herself as storage for all the bad memories of Vincent/Ergo. It was then noted that she disappeared afterwards, or perhaps 'died.' Hmm …

We all know that the literary allusions to these kinds of anime have some sort of meaning, so I'm banking on the fact that if it isn't Monad that will appear by this episode, it will be Real.

Real can also make a case as an allusion to Ophelia: first, it is her grandfather, Donov, that doesn't really allow Real to move around or to investigate Vincent, much like Ophelia's dad limiting her. Second, about the love part, once Real discovers what truly happened to her (that she was saved by Vincent, that he has gone away, that he has sacrificed going back to save her life … ) I'm pretty sure that cold character of hers will do a 180 and realize that Vincent IS the man she loves. It may not be as probable as the Monad hypothesis given the data that we have now, but I'm pretty sure it is plausible.

Besides, if you could see a Real or a human Monad like this,

Shakespeare's Ophelia

Who wouldn't be a happy camper? I certainly would. Besides, if that is animated, it would look really great.