If anyone knows William Faulkner, one probably remembers him for his difficult works, for his The Sound and the Fury, perhaps for his alcoholic and arrogant nature, or perhaps that he has won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949. He's that great of a writer, but even he himself said:

"Before I began, I said, 'I am going to write a book by which, at a pinch, I can stand or fall if I never touch ink again.'"

This was his description of As I Lay Dying, among the classics in the Faulkner canon, and as some sources say, his own personal favorite among them.

I can say the same for Ergo Proxy. After the roller-coaster ups and downs, I can firmly say that what I have waited for is this tenth episode.

'I am a going to produce an episode by which, at a pinch, I can stand or fall if I never scriptwrite again.'

I hope Dai said that to himself. It's quite urgent for them to gain back the trust of its lost followers (like us). And we are not alone. Many Japanese watchers, who pay for Ergo, are disgruntled too. They seriously should pull off nothing less than a masterpiece in this episode, and I'll be watching. 

That, however, shouldn't really be expected much. 

Synopses from Newtype don't let us expect much:

Episode 11-13 synopsis
(obtained from Aniki Meiski)


10 Existence 存在/cytotropism 2006-05-13
Inside, the perfectly managed Romdeau, also known as the Paradise, the management system is starting to come apart. Realizing this, both Daedalus and Raul advocated reforms, without revealing their hidden agenda. Regent Donov dismissed their opinions without listening to them.

11 In the Mist 白い闇の中/anamuneshisu 2006-05-20
Script: Dai Sato
Storyboard: Satomi Deai
Without realizing it, Vincent was surrounded by a thick fog and lost his way. He came upon a second-hand book shop. To ask for the way, he entered the bookshop with books piling up everywhere. An uncanny bookshop owner recommended Vincent a book with Vincent's own name carved onto the title.

12 If You Smile 君微笑めば/hideout 2006-05-27
Script; Yuko Kawabe
Storyboard: Iwao Teraoka
While continuing their journey, Vincent's party was resting deep in the forest. Pino hated helping Vincent and instead ventured into the forest. There she saw a girl picking flowers. The girl disappeared into the forest as soon as she noticed Pino.

13 Conceptual Blindspot 構想の死角/wrong way home 2006-06-03
Script: Yuko Kawabe
Pino followed the girl into the forest and discovered a cave. As she entered the dark cave, there sat the girl along side with a mysterious giant. Who is this giant? At the same time, Vincent is searching for Pino. Then a mysterious shadowy figure approached from behind. Each and every encounter that thwarts the path forwards spins out unforeseeable fate.

14 Someone Else That Looks Like You 貴方に似た誰か/ophelia 2006-06-10

15 The Pure Nightmarish Quiz Show! 生悪夢のクイズSHOW!/Who wants to be in jeopardy! 2006-06-17

16 Dead Calm デッドカーム/busy doing nothing 2006-06-24

I will be terribly happy if they do pull it off, however … the show for some of us is reflected by the title of Faulkner's book, As I Lay Dying