I have this weird hypothesis (based on fact) why I think Real and Vincent should end up together. (This is what keeps me watching the show: the thought that, one day [in the final episode perhaps], they'd end up together despite their shortcomings.) I'm banking on Daedalus to have done something with Real already, so I'm pretty much just picking between her become a fembot or another proxy, the first because of the fact that she was critically wounded on episode seven and would need a miracle and maybe some artificial parts that would technically make her t3h h0tn355, and the second grounded on the fact that she was implanted with some Amrita cells to allow her to recover and hasten her recovery.

In either episode ten or eleven we'd probably see a new Real. (I'm going to be happy if I see her after a long time xD) What lets her avoid being attracted to Vince will now become the reason why she will be attracted to him: they will be both oddly bizarre organisms if that happens.

Also note that Real is a repressed girl. In all of Romdeau, the only one that looks acceptable to get laid with is Vincent. Others are old people, Raul (who looks old), and Daedalus (who looks too young). Vincent has the right amount of cool and handsomeness to be the only one practically acceptable to Real. And one must admit that there has been something attracting Real to Vincent, but more noticeably, Vincent to Real. Eventually, we discovered that he really likes her: he's really besotted with her. I mean, he risked his life just to allow Real to be saved by acceding to the trade proposed by Queen. That's love.

Real is the one who does not reciprocate. She has seen too many quirks with Vincent and probably knows in her gut that he's something out-of-this-world. So she doesn't get too close, although we know he really did a lot for her, especially in the Commune episodes.
She will though, once she realizes that she's also become another being like him, and thus will probably develop love for him and eventually sexual desire.

She's repressed. One – there aren't any boys in the first place to be desensitized with. Two – there aren't even any girls shown – and a whole lot of humans are simply apices of genetic engineering. She's probably curious about this desire, and realizes something unique in Vincent. (This is based on cleavings of psychology: I'm just piecing them together to support why I think they probably will be together with Vincent.) She's simply afraid because she 'seems' normal. That's her sole barrier from being 'interested' in Vincent. Technically, she already *is* interested in him.

Discovering that she has become another quirk, another not-human like him will allow her to get closer to Vincent because the barrier is already broken. They will get close; do something, and probably end up together dying like most of these SF-genre anime or literature.

I've really only read Fahrenheit 451, and Guy Montag becomes infatuated with this girl whose name I have already forgotten because she reads books (thinks differently). In the future, as equality among every people is promoted even free thought is disallowed. He realizes there's something special about her, but she eventually is killed because the gov't wanted to remove weeds like her. You just twist the stories, and it's going to seem to become Ergo Proxy.

Of course, like the title of my blog says, this is purely speculation. I'm just making it something more concrete so that there seemingly is a reason why I believe that a love story will occur.